Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Art Project

Today I felt motivated to go out and buy supplies to do art projects with the boys. I have been collecting ideas from fellow twin moms and other parents online and finally decided it was time for the boys to start doing some projects. First we are starting out with fun arts & crafts. Today they made Glueless Collages which required clear contact paper and various items to stick on to it. We used feathers, stars, paper letters & numbers, and ribbon cut into different lengths (things I could find at the $1 store!). Enjoy the pictures....
Ryder's is on the left
Zak's is on the right

I have also started to look for supplies to use for other types of projects that I can do with the boys. If you have any fun ideas of things to do with 2-year olds leave me a comment. I am hoping to start an at-home nursery school program with them in the Fall which will have a theme, letter, and number to do activities with each week. A fun and organized way to start learning something new each day for them!