Monday, August 10, 2009

Sleepover & Endocrinologist

Yesterday afternoon we all went into Annapolis to go swimming with Colleen and the kids. After we finished swimming Ben and I took Ryder home with us and Zak had a sleepover with Colleen and the kids. Zak was very excited to be going home with Joey! From what Colleen told me it sounds like he went to sleep fairly easily and he slept until they woke him up at 9am! At home they wake me up between 6:45am-7:30am; not fair at all. Today Zak spent the morning with Colleen and then kids then he went with Chelley to lunch and swimming. Ben, Ryder, and I went to the Annapolis mall this evening to meet with Chelley and Zak. It seems like they both very much enjoyed their day apart from each other so we will have to make it a priority to get them out alone once and a while.

The whole reason for Zak's sleepover was that Ryder had an appointment at Johns Hopkins today that would be much easier if I didn't have both boys with me. Ryder saw an Endocrinologist today who will manage all of his hormone issues with the Klinefelter's Syndrome. This visit was just to meet the doctor and get some baseline measurements and information. She asked about his medical history and growth chart information. From looking at his measurements and medical history she would guess that he is on the more severe end of the Klinefelter's spectrum which means he will more than likely produce no testosterone. This means he will need to start medication earlier than those who do produce some and will stay on it for the rest of his life. He won't need to go back to the Endocrinologist until the time of puberty so we will deal with that when the time comes. He has a follow-up appointment with the Geneticist in December so I will update with any new information after that.

While at the appointment she noticed something else that was somewhat troubling to her though and it had nothing to do with his Klinefelter's. He had a poopy diaper and she asked if that was the normal for his poopy diaper. I told her that both him and Zak still had pretty loose poop and because of this we had allergy testing scheduled for August 24. She said that with their history of slow weight gain and the consistency/smell/characteristics of their poop she would say it might be Celiac Disease or another pretty severe food allergy. So hopefully on the 24th we will get some results and move on from there. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it isn't Celiac or a severe allergy, but we will deal with whatever they find.