Monday, August 31, 2009

Play Date!

I will start with the best part of our day...our play date! Today at noon we went to Towson Town Center to meet one of my online friends and her daughter. We have been trying to meet up for a while and finally were able to. The boys and Noelle ran around with all of the other kids and seemed to have a good time. Afterwards we all went and ate in the food court. Nia & I hope to meet up more with the kids to let them socialize and also so we can have some time to talk in person and not just on the computer.

This morning I took Ryder to get his blood work done and it was a horrible experience. As soon as we walked in the door he started to cry and ran to the door trying to get it open. Luckily we didn't have to wait too long before getting called into the back, but Ryder put on the brakes and dropped to the floor crying so I had to carry him. He fought so hard to not get the blood work done so another nurse had to come help hold him still. They were not able to get a good amount of blood, but they will send it in and see if it is enough for all of the tests he needs. If it isn't then we will need to go back, but they didn't want to stick him again because he was so worked up. After they took the needle out and put the bandage on he looked at the nurse, put his arms up and said "HELP!". So she picked him up while I got up and got my purse. But he wouldn't come to me, he wanted to stay with the nurse! Finally he came to me, but was crying and not happy. I felt so bad.

While playing in the living room today the boys went into the laundry basket and decided to try and dress themselves. Ben was not amused with their choices because they both grabbed my bra at first, but then Zak found some real clothes.

I wanted to also post these 2 random pictures of Zak walking around eating a tomato....