Sunday, August 16, 2009

Busy Weekend!

The last few days we have been very busy with lots of fun things for the boys. First, we went to Crofton to pick up a very early Christmas present from my mom & Chuck. We found a train table for $30 (usually $200) from another mom of twins so we couldn't pass it up. The boys have loved playing with it using their cars and blocks.

Yesterday we took the boys to Annie's Playground for a while which they of course loved. They have really gotten good at climbing and wondering through the big boy playground, but they also like running around in the open fields as well. On our way home we stopped at the local fire station because they were having a car show. The boys (especially Ben) had so much fun looking at all of the cars. Ben snapped a bunch of pictures of his dream cars and showed the boys which cars they should want. After all 4 of us took an afternoon nap we went to the grocery store.
This morning Ben did some fun new activities with the boys which they enjoyed. First, they painted with water on construction paper. After that Ben pulled out the finger paints and some more paper. At first they were both a little skeptical about it, but once we dipped their fingers in it and showed them what to do they decided it was fun. Zak dove right in with both hands, but ended up getting more paint in his hair than on the paper! Ryder would only use the tips of his fingers, but still had a lot of fun.
At about 10:45am Tracy got to our house and we headed to Philadelphia for a trip to the Please Touch Museum. I have heard some great things about this children's museum along with another called Hands-On House. It was about 1 hour 40 minutes away from our house so not too far. The boys had a blast! There were a ton of fun activities for them to do. Zak did have a few tantrums because he wanted to continually run back to the water play area, but once we got to the bottom floor he was fine moving on to the cars and other things. Ryder really enjoyed playing doctor in the hospital section while Zak loved the water play area and the construction zone section. I was unable to get pictures from many of the areas because the boys were having so much fun and moving around non-stop, but here is what I was able to get...

Ryder on lily pads
Big Piano
Ryder the musician
Zak playing piano
Zak hanging up the kittens mittens
Zak racing his toy around the track
Ryder building with blocks
Zak in the construction zone
Ryder cooking
The mailmen
Delivering the mail
At McDonald's
Dr. Ryder
Helping the sick baby
Zak planting some flowers
Zak making waves

We will have to try the other museum some time as well. This week on Tuesday the boys and I will be spending the day in Annapolis because I am going to watch Jamison and Josephine while Colleen is at work. We might take a quick trip to see Tracy at her school in the afternoon so I can pick-up some dry erase markers for the boys to use on their easel.