Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sugar High

This morning Ben and Zak took the white truck back to Rich since we no longer need it. Rich gave them a ride home and also helped Ben bring the TV into the house that we got from Rich & Laura. Apparently during the ride back home Zak got into a bag of candy which was next to him and had a few lollipops and tootsie rolls. Well, when it was nap time Zak was having a MAJOR sugar high! We heard running around and banging in their room so I went upstairs to put them back in bed, but I found Ryder was asleep and all of the noise was coming from Zak. Then I noticed the milk all over the room. I decided to take Zak out of the bedroom so that he wouldn't wake up Ryder because he was being really loud.

We then went to WalMart and Target to look for a set of suitcases along with pricing out dehumidifiers. The reason we need new suitcases is because our old ones are now covered in mold because of how wet our basement gets so we want to get a dehumidifier. We have dome some research and found that they are in the of about $200 or so for a good one to use in a very wet basement so we will probably be getting one soon. After we got home and had dinner (stuffed peppers in the crock pot) the boys wanted to go outside and play (sorry for the blurry pictures, but that is what happens when your aiming at moving targets)...