Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This morning Zak did something that deserves a whole post just about him! Ben and I were sitting in the living room getting Ryder dressed and Zak walked into the room holding a black sharpie pen. Then I saw he was covered in black marker! He had it all over his hands, face, shirt, arms, and legs. Filled with fear I went into the kitchen to see if he had written on anything else and this is what I found....

marks on the dining room chair
both highchairs had been marked
the floor!
Here are a few pictures of what Zak looked like. He knew he was in trouble so he didn't want to sit still for me to get a good picture....
It was maybe 3-4 minutes that we did not have him in our sight and this is what he accomplished! He must have used a chair to climb up and get the pen off the bookshelf in the kitchen. Ben was able to get the marker off the highchairs and floor, but we are still working on getting it off of Zak and the vent cover on the floor.


Christina said...

YIKES!!!! I'll make sure to check for those on my kitchen table!!