Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Week

This week the boys and I have been home without Ben since he was away for work. The week went much better than I had anticipated even though there were moments I wished I could get a break. This week we played with the new big boy toys, went to the pediatrician, went to Annapolis, and got me a new cell phone. Overall, it was a decent week but we are looking forward to Ben coming home tonight!

As for my cell phone, it has been acting up recently. It started to turn off when ever it felt like it along with having some issues with the volume when I was talking on it. The Verizon tech told me it was a software problem and I had 2 $50 and get the same phone mailed to me (10-14 days) or pay $30 fee to upgrade to a new phone early. I have heard of people having issues with the phone I had (enV2) and since I planned to upgrade in a few months anyways I decided to look at new phones. Today the boys and I went to the local Verizon store and I got a new phone. There were a few phones I was looking at and I finally narrowed it down to 2 phones....Samsung Alias 2 or the Motorola Rival. The Alias 2 is the phone my mom has and she said the hinge on it was already getting loose and I read some reviews saying the same thing. Since I text ALL the time I decided to stay away from that because I would probably break it quickly. So I got the Motorola Rival which is neat little phone. It has a touch screen on the front and a full keyboard when you slide it open. The best part is that it was in our budget and I only had to pay a $20 fee to upgrade early! Cell phones have gotten so expensive and of course I always want to newest and best, but this time I was conservative with my choice.