Monday, August 24, 2009


Today we took the boys to see an allergist to discuss possible food allergies and get some testing done. After talking with her about their history and issues they are having at the moment she decided to test for about 16 things with skin pricks. I don't know everything that was tested, but some of them were egg, milk, wheat, dust, dog, cat, corn, and mold. We had to wait 20 minutes after the pricks to get the results so the boys played in the waiting room while we waited. In the end they came back negative for all of the skin pricks. You would think that is exciting, but not really. We then went back into the allergist's office to talk about what to do now. She agrees that something is going on, but we will have to do more tests and hope to find an answer. Our next step is to get some stool samples and then go to the lab for blood tests and drop off the stool samples. She wants to check for parasites and other things as well as test for Celiac Disease. She is also going to re-test Zak's immune system because his results last time were below normal so she wants to see if it was a fluke or if it really is that low. Ryder's came back within normal limits, but on the lower end so she is not going to re-test his. Once the test results come in she will call us to discuss the next step.

Allergies can be so tricky and with kids they are even harder! Some food allergies can occur while showing up negative on skin prick tests so we may be dealing with that. Many times if the symptoms are only GI then this is the type of allergy causing it. The only way to figure it out is to cut certain things out of the diet and see if things get better. Hopefully we won't get to that point...