Friday, August 28, 2009

Definitely My Children

Tonight at dinner there was no denying that these boys are my children! We didn't have anything planned for dinner so we just pulled somethings out of the fridge for the boys. Ben heated up some peas for them and we were going to give them some sausage once it was done cooking. Zak had enough of the peas and gave the rest to his brother and demanded something else to eat. We offered him a pickle, but then decided to see if he would eat an olive. Well, they both ended up liking olives. As a joke we pulled out the diced red onions to see if they would eat a piece....well they both loved them! Both demanded more onions every time their plate was empty. So for dinner tonight they had peas, olives, and red onions!

The reason we had nothing planned out or ready for dinner is because we needed to make an unexpected trip to Target. Today Zak discovered how to open the fridge and randomly bring food (eggs, milk, pickles) to me so we needed to get a lock for it.