Saturday, December 5, 2009

1st Snow & Christmas Party

Today we went to Columbia for Laura's company Christmas party. First, we stopped in Dundalk to pick up Gavin so he could go to the party also. The boys love to play with Gavin so the three of them had fun together. It started to snow pretty good once we were on the way from Dundalk to Columbia! Once we got to the party the kids ran around and played for a bit. Then we made candy trains, played BINGO (both boys got Bingo), made gingerbread houses (the boys chose not to do this, too much sitting still), and had a visit from Santa.

Gavin & the boys

Gavin greeting Santa

(anybody notice who Santa looks like?!?!)

The boy with Santa
(if only they knew who was under the red suit)

Zak did not want to sit on Santa's lap
Ryder was looking for his escape route!

The boys got some very fun gifts from Santa today. They got a Barney DVD, grocery basket with food, doctor kit, and the Leapfrog Trucks Fridge Magnets. Unfortunately, we just realized (after being home) that we left the gifts at the party! We were busy trying to get coats on, pick out fish and get outside that the gifts got sat down and never picked back up.
Isabelle with her gifts
Gavin with his Handy Manny sitting with Santa
Our newest pets which were from the party
Snow in Columbia
Snow at our House
***If you couldn't figure it out....Ben was Santa today!***