Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

The morning of Christmas Eve we had a pretty lazy day. Around 1:30pm we left the house and headed over to Tracy & Dave's house to exchange gifts with them. Zak had a blast unwrapping the movies (Barney, Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny) and even tried to start unwrapping other gifts that were under their tree! After spending some time at their house we left and headed to Rich & Laura's house to do a gift exchange with them also.

As soon as we got to Rich & Laura's house (Nana & Poppy as the boys call them) the boys started to open gifts. Once again, Zak was having a blast ripping the paper off. Ryder was much slower and liked to pull tiny pieces of paper off, but he would eventually get things unwrapped. The boys were excited to get their gifts out of the boxes so they could play with them. Some of the gifts they got were a camera, remote control fire truck, big bag of Mega Blocks, toy piano, and toy guitar. They also got lots of candy in their stockings. After we opened gifts I left to meet Tracy and Chelley at church for mass while the boys and Ben stayed at the house. When I got back from church the boys were upstairs laying in bed watching TV with Laura. Around 8:15pm or so we changed them into their Christmas pj's and headed home.

The boys fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep while we carried them into the house and put them in bed. Ben and I then put out all of the presents we had at the house and filled the stockings. It was a late night, but we had fun with everybody!

I took way too many pictures to post on here so I created a Christmas Eve 2009 photo album here...enjoy!