Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Art Projects & the Roads

Every few days I have been trying to do an art project with the boys. They love stickers recently so we have been doing a lot of the foam sticker projects.


Zak's Ornament

Ryder's Ornament

Ryder's Snowman
(Supposed to be door hangers, but they put them on the tree)

Zak's Snowman

Today Ben called to tell me the main roads were good. They were icy early this morning, but are much better now that it is melting. But our neighborhood roads are not so good still. We have not had a plow come yet so our roads are packed snow with ice on top. Ben informed me that I probably wouldn't be venturing out anytime soon because he knows my hesitation with driving on roads that are still all white/icy. I have always had a fear of driving on roads that are covered in ice/snow, but after my accident in high school on the ice I am even more cautious. Here are some pictures of the roads I can see from our house (I love the zoom on my new camera!).

I am waiting to see what happens with schools the next 2 days. My mom reminded me today that we always wondered why Harford County seemed to be closed forever after having snow. Well, now that I live here I can say it is because they see no need to plow the roads. I have heard from people in Anne Arundel County that the roads are all clear there.