Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ryder's Newest Speech Evaluation

Yes, I am making another post tonight! Today in the mail I got a copy of Ryder's newest speech re-evaluation. His therapist was nice enough to mail me a copy so I didn't have to wait until our next session. (Side Note: I love his therapist and am so upset she is going on maternity leave this month!). So here is what this re-evaluation found compared to his evaluation when we started therapy in Harford County...

June 2009 (22 months old)
Communication = 15 months
It lists his upcoming skills as: pointing to several pictures in a book, follow 2-step commands, points to body parts when asked

November/December 2009 (27.5-28 months)
Pragmatic (Social) Language = 15 months with scatter to 18 months
Gesture Age = 18 months with scatter to 21 months
Play Age = 24 months with scatter to 27 months
Language Comprehension Age = 21 months with scatter to 24 months
Language Expression Age = 18 months with scatter to 21 months

His play age is within normal limits while the others are all still considered delayed. His June evaluation was not as in-depth which is why it isn't split into the different sections like this last one. As for the upcoming skills listed in June...he now points to body parts along with pointing to pictures in a book. We have just mastered the 1-step commands so we need to start working on the 2-step commands soon. So he is definitely making progress, but still delayed in just about all language areas.