Monday, December 28, 2009

The Clean-Up

Saturday morning the boys slept until close to 8am which is always nice! Once we had breakfast and got dressed we all headed to Target and WalMart to see what deals they had going on. We were able to get a bunch of wrapping paper which was on clearance. This year I pretty much went through all of the wrapping paper we had so it was time to stock up again. We also went to CVS looking for another water fountain similar to the one Ben got me (we both really like them). We then headed home and while the boys took a nap I went to Rite Aid to see what they had on sale. I found a flameless candle set that matches our new water fountains, a set of picture coasters for a gift for somebody next year (I already know who it is for), and a train to go around our Christmas tree next year (this is on sale for $15). That evening Ben went out for a friend's birthday and ended up spending the night at their house because the bar hopping went into the early morning hours.

Sunday morning we decided to go out for another family trip. This time we went to Barnes & Noble (to get a How To book for my new photo software), Toys R Us (to get some storage bins that were on sale), and WalMart. At WalMart we got 4 green Rubbermaid bins to pack away all of the Christmas stuff in along with a Rubbermaid made for storing artificial trees. When we got home everybody took a nap. Once the boys were in bed Ben and I packed away ALL of the Christmas decorations into their new bins. We also packed up all of the boys' Christmas toys which will come back out at Thanksgiving next year. I got this idea from Colleen because I love how excited her kids get when they Christmas toy bin appears each year and we all know the boys have plenty of other toys! We then took all of their new toys to the playroom and completely re-arranged it. After that we set up the GeoTrax train in the living room where the Christmas tree has been. One last thing we did (around midnight) was break down all of the boxes and put them all out for recycling. We had about 6 large diaper boxes filled with other boxes that had been broken down!

Now time for some pictures...

Batman loves the boys' couch
We didn't plan ahead for our trip to WalMart
The boys had lots of stuff on their laps and all over the car
New storage bins in the playroom
TV was moved
Bookcase, train table, kitchen, and table set in new location
New basketball game on door
New storage for puzzles, tools, and Mr.Potato Head stuff
Robin with her new toy
Ben went back to work today. Unfortunately, there was a death in the family (Rich's father) over the weekend. The viewings are Tuesday & Wednesday with the funeral on Thursday. Today Ben will be talking to his boss to see what time he can get off for the funeral. He is hoping to get Wednesday & Thursday off, but we will see what happens once he talks to his boss. He already has Friday off as a holiday.