Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Videos & Dinner on the Counter

The other day we pulled out the video camera and started using it again. It was fun to look through the old videos...the boys used to be so tiny! I have a horrible time getting videos from the video camera onto the computer (main reason we stopped using it a while back). After lots of online searching I discovered that I need a program to transfer them from the camera to the computer, but you have to buy it. So I got a free 21 day trial to use for now. Also, I just realized that the sound didn't transfer when using this program! So for these videos just imagine a lot of laughing!

Last night Ben took a cute video of the boys hugging each know boys, hugging has to turn into a wrestling match!

Each night before we give the boys their milk we have them do the "milky dance". It all started one night when they were very excited to get their milk that they both stood and waved their arms around which then led to the full "milky dance". Recently, Zak has also started to shake his butt...sometimes he gets really into it and bends all the way down to get his butt in the air!

Tonight for dinner the boys had a peanut butter sandwich and a pear. We will fixing dinner for ourselves and the boys wanted to be involved so they sat on the counter eating their dinner.