Sunday, December 20, 2009

Digging Out & Visitors

This morning Ben went outside to start digging us out! He worked with some of the other neighbors to get our court dug out from all of the snow. There were 2 neighbors with snow blowers which helped a ton.

A fun fact I learned Maryland the average yearly snow is about 19.7 inches...this storm dropped between 15-24 inches!

This is how much snow we got in the afternoon yesterday
(Ben had already shoveled once)
Our Christmas cards we have gotten
Around lunchtime we took the boys outside to play in the snow. They wanted to go out all morning, but we waited until Rich, Laura & Haleigh came over.
Ryder is standing up in the snow
Zak found it much easier to crawl because he didn't fall into the snow
Haleigh all bundled up
Zak trying to walk
Group Picture
The boys sitting on top of the snow in the front yard
Before going out into the snow we tried to get some pictures of the 3 kids while inside. As usual, Zak wanted nothing to do with Haleigh. He has nothing against her (or any baby), but he HATES when I am holding the baby. He started to throw temper tantrums and was not happy at all. Ryder, on the other hand, likes babies and doesn't seem to mind too much if I am holding them or not.
Group Picture
Ryder playing with Haleigh
Haleigh & Batman
Zak in the middle of a tantrum
(just about to hit the ground)
Our attempt to get Zak to sit with Haleigh
Ryder hugging Haleigh
Ben got our car dug out and moved it in front of his truck so he could clear out our parking spot. Then he went to turn on his work truck and move it, but it wouldn't start! He tried to jump start it with our car, but that didn't work. Then when Rich got here he hooked up their car to try and jump start the truck. After about 45 minutes the truck finally started. When Ben moved it he found that all of the water from melting snow in our court is puddling under his truck. It is already icy under his truck so he is not looking forward to getting the truck moved in the morning. He is hoping it will start in the morning also!