Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trains, Planes, and....Couches?

I want to start with some pictures of the dogs....

Yesterday morning the boys were so excited to see the GeoTrax train set up in the living room once they made it downstairs. They did very good at taking turns with the controller. After a little while their turns did start to get shorter and shorter which then turned into crying and fighting over who got it! I was very proud of how well they shared at first though.

Last night I made a trip to Toys R Us and bought them the GeoTrax airport using their gift cards from Seth & May. When I got home Ryder took the box from me immediately and handed it to Ben. Ben got it set up with lots of help from the boys of course.
And now for the couch part of the post. Ryder is in LOVE with the fold out couch they got from my grandparents. Every time he sees it he will run to it, fold it out, lay down and say "ny-nite". The couch also became part of playtime with the train.