Monday, December 7, 2009

Box of Surprises

This afternoon the boys and I made a trip to Target because we needed to get them some milk (used all of our WIC milk until December 14) and I had a $10 gift card to Target so off we went. While there we also got a few other things so I ended up spending about $5 which isn't bad for a trip to Target!

When we got home there was a box on the front steps. After we ate dinner I opened the box to see what was in it. The box was from my mom and she had lots of fun things in there for us.

Singing & Dancing characters
Yearly Ornaments
Some decorations for the house
(I told my mom we didn't really have anything)
The boys liked all of them!
In the box we also found Christmas salt & pepper shakers, Rice Krispie treat snowman kit, Christmas movie collection (claymation ones), and pajamas for the boys. I am sure I have forgotten to mention something that was in the box.


Annie said...

Beautiful ornaments.

Natalie said...

Oh what a great surprise! All of that Christmas stuff is too cute!