Monday, December 7, 2009

Death of a Rubbermaid

This morning the boys were playing together very nicely. They found an empty Rubbermaid container and were pushing each other around in it and getting inside of it to play. They were even taking turns! But then Zak decided instead of waiting his turn he would just lay down on top of the Rubbermaid while Ryder was inside of it. Not a good idea....

I was worried about getting Ryder out of the broken Rubbermaid, but Zak started screaming. So I got Ryder out and looked at Zak only to find him gushing blood from his lip. It was bleeding a LOT so I didn't get any "good" pictures of his lip wound, but here are my attempts of showing it. The first you can see some of the leftover blood on his top lip and the second shows the wound which is in the middle of the top lip.


Annie said...

Poor boy, thanks God both are fine.

At least, they have fun.

Have a great week.