Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree

This morning I actually slept in a little bit. When I came downstairs Ben had already put the tree up so we could decorate it today. Ben got the camera out to show me this picture he took of the boys this morning...they wanted to have a lazy morning it looks like.
When I unpacked the box with lights I found these Santa blankets. The boys got them from my mom their first Christmas (2007) and used them as swaddling blankets since they were only 4 months old and still tiny. Now they are more like capes!
Ben put the lights on the tree while the boys finished eating breakfast. And then we let the boys take over the decorating. They actually did very well with putting the ornaments on the tree with some help from myself (Ben was taking all of the pictures). After a while the tree was pretty uneven with ornaments so I had to start guiding them where to put the ornaments. Zak did much better with doing it by himself while Ryder preferred to let me hold him and "help".
Once the decorating was done I took pictures of some of our ornaments on the tree. Some of them have special meaning while others are just because of our interests.

UNC is a must!
Ben's Coca-Cola
Redskins Football
Orioles Baseball
(I need a Yankees ornament!)
Zak & Ryder's Personalized Ornaments
Family Personalized Ornaments
Ben's 3 Must-Have's on the Tree
(Coco-Cola, Redskins, UNC)
Piper's Ornament from 2006
Choulis Family Ornament from 1986
My dad's Personalized Ornament


Christina said...

What a fun day. Those ornaments are so sweet too!

Annie said...

Adorable pictures of the boys with their Santa's blanket.

Your Christmas tree is beautiful. My tree also have blue decorations.