Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Nice Day

Today was yet another gorgeous day so we took advantage of it and went to Annapolis. We visited Mum Mum for a bit and then walked to the playground with Colleen and the kids. The boys had fun running around the basketball court with Jamison and then we played on the playground. Unfortunately, we had to make a quick exit from the playground because Zak decided to take a trip down the slide in an unconventional way. He took a running start down the slide, but forgot to sit down so he tumbled down the slide and then did a flip off the end! The way he landed scared me so much because it looked like he could have broken his neck. But as soon as we picked him up and took the mulch out of his mouth he calmed down.

After leaving the playground we got lunch (Ben & the boys had pizza, I had sushi) and ate by the city dock. Then we made a trip to Home Depot to buy some more things for the townhouse.

Here are some pictures of our day...
Ryder has a bad habit of dumping the cereal box

Zak trying to make a hoop

Ryder tripped and fell in the mud

Ryder tried to make a hoop

Ryder with his mohawk

Ryder playing with Ben

Zak on the slide (no this was not the bad fall)

Climbing up together