Friday, March 20, 2009

My Gym

Today I took the boys to a twin toddler playgroup at My Gym. We have never been to a place like this before with them so I figured we would try it out. I was always worried taking them by myself since I would have them running in different directions trying to climb and so on, but in this situation it was nice because we all helped watch each others kids.

Zak was all over the place jumping on the trampoline, climbing the steps and ramps, going down the slides, playing in the ball pit, and even hanging on the bars. He was playing with the other kids and other adults so well. Once and a while he would come find me just to make sure I was still there, but then he was off again. He fit in with the older kids pretty well; there was 1 set of twins a little younger and then the others were all 2 or 3 years old pretty much. I only got 1 picture of Zak because he was always on the move.

Ryder was pretty shy and kept to himself most of the time. He was attached to my hip for most of the time until he started to play with one of the grandfathers who was there. He loved playing with the basketball hoop and balls. I did get him to go on the trampoline with me and to go up the ramp and steps a few times. Near the end I put him in the ball pit and he had a blast playing with a little girl close to his age. He is definitely shy and would benefit from more of these group activities. Also, many of the activities at the gym are great for things we are working on with his PT.

The boys have decided they would like to get a class like this for their birthday! Yes, it is a while away but they are starting their list now. I have not been able to find any local MOM clubs or other playgroups near the new house so unfortunately the boys won't get to participate in the playgroups much longer. I am a member of AMOM until about June or July so we will try to attend a few of the playgroups until then, but the drive will be long so we won't make it to as many.