Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy Week

This is going to be a busy week or so for us. Ryder has had 2 therapy sessions this week since he will be missing a few sessions while we get our new schedule worked out in Harford County. Tomorrow I have to go to the bank to get the cashiers check for our closing costs and then we have the final walk through at 7pm. Friday we go to settlement at 2pm so the boys will be staying at home with Tracy & Dave. After settlement Ben & I are going to buy the paint and then stop by the townhouse to drop it off and change the lock on the front door. Then we will be spending Saturday and Sunday cleaning, painting, and doing some minor fixes around the townhouse. The boys will be staying at home with Laura on Saturday and with Tracy on Sunday.

Next week we have the electrician going to the townhouse on Wednesday & Thursday to change out all of the aluminum wiring. And then on Saturday April 4 we will be making the big move!

Today I have been making sure we have everything in place for settlement. All of a sudden I realized we need to call BGE to set up service. So I made that call and have it all set up. We plan to join the Peak Rewards program which will help save money on our monthly bill over the summer along with getting a new programmable thermostat. We have to wait until after our first bill to be able to sign up for it though.

I have a meeting with a potential new pediatrician on April 7. I am hoping once I meet with her I will feel comfortable and switch the boys to a pediatrician closer to the new house. Then Ryder has an appointment with a Developmental Pediatrician in Annapolis on April 14. We have been waiting to get in to see this doctor in the hopes that she will be able to offer more insight and suggestions for Ryder's delays.


Natalie said...

Holy cow woman! I'm tired just reading that. Good luck getting everything done!