Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poor Ryder *With New Pictures*

This morning Ryder woke up earlier than normal and he was screaming so I went to check on him. He was standing next to the bed leaning on it and had just thrown up from screaming so much. I picked him up and could tell he needed his diaper changed so I laid him down to change it. When I took his diaper off I realized why he was screaming so much. The poor kid has the worst diaper rash I have ever seen. He is so sore that he won't walk so he has just been laying around. I finally got him to calm down so I decided maybe getting out of the house would be a good distraction so we went to the mall. Once we got to the play area Ryder still wouldn't stand, walk or move so I just held him while Zak played.

Then we walked around and went into Hallmark to look at Easter cards. Well, Ryder decided to be a sneaky little thing. I was looking at cards and then bought a few. We walked across to Payless and when I went in front of the stroller I saw something I couldn't believe. Ryder had 3 cards in his hands and then about 10 more under the stroller!! I was so embarrassed, but went back to return the "stolen" cards. They said it was fine and even told Ryder to just keep the 3 he had in his hands. I am still so embarrassed and really hope this doesn't happen again!

Zak pushing Ryder aroundSleepy boys

Zak being cute while sleeping

After talking with various other mothers about how to help a diaper rash we decided to try a baking soda bath since it was recommended to me by many people. We filled the tub with a few inches of water and then poured in some baking soda and sat the boys in it for a while. After their "bath" we let Ryder run around his room naked to try and let him dry off well. As he tried to sit in our laps I decided to get creative and try to find a way to wrap his towel around him loosely so that it would catch any pee that may come out. These pictures are horrible because I used my cell phone and their room is not very bright at night.

Our toga boy