Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 1 Without Ben

This morning Ben left for the airport at 4:45am to catch a 6am flight to Detroit. He then flies from Detroit to Kansas City and should arrive there around 11am or so.

I had a hard time falling back to sleep once Ben left so when I heard the boys wake up around 7:30am I went to their room and discovered that both of them were covered in snot and didn't feel very good. I am hoping that it is just a cold and will pass quickly, but I am keeping a close eye on them because we all know that a cold can turn into something much worse for them pretty quickly. They are both getting 2 new teeth so the runny noses could also be from that, but we will wait and see how they do.

I did take a few pictures of them this morning using my cell phone because my camera was upstairs and I was too lazy to go get it. Zak has started to really enjoy climbing anything and everything he finds which he demonstrated this morning for me. Batman has gotten so good with the boys recently and it is just so cute to watch the three of them play together.

A picture the boys colored today

I am hoping they will feel better tomorrow because I was planning to take them to the mall to play in the play area and then attend the Kids Club event at 10:30am. I will just wait and see how they are tomorrow morning.

A few more pictures from today...