Thursday, March 19, 2009

New T-Shirts & Hair Cuts

Yesterday Dani and I took the boys to a toddler playgroup at Kinder Farm Park with the MOM club. The boys had a great time playing and running around at the playground. While we were there one of the other MOM members brought t-shirts we had ordered for the kids. They are bright yellow and say I belong to A MOM! (Annapolis Mothers of Multiples AMOM). These shirts are for the kids to wear at playgroups which are in large areas so that we can all keep an eye on the AMOM kids easily. After playing at the playground we all took a walk to see the baby pigs and goats which were pretty cute.

The other day we gave the boys a new haircut. We were trying to just shorten the mohawks, but in the end we just decided to shave their heads.
Much of the morning Ryder spent perfecting his temper tantrums. He has just about caught up to Zak's level of perfection which includes throwing himself to the ground and kicking and rolling. Ryder definitely has some funny facial expressions during his tantrums. I tried to get a few pictures, but it didn't work well so this is all I got today. I am sure they will both have plenty of tantrums in he future for me to take pictures.