Thursday, March 12, 2009


We officially have the time, date, and location of settlement on the townhouse. We will be closing on Friday March 27 at 2pm in Bel Air at the office of the title company. Today we met with the home owner's insurance agent to sign paperwork and pay for the first year (our FHA loan requires us to show proof of obtaining insurance so this is the easiest way to do that).

Ben and I have been crunching some numbers and it looks like we will have to go without cable and Internet for a while. This is going to be really difficult for both of us because I will no longer be able to update the blog or talk with my friends online (other twin moms and so on). Ben will have to find places with free Internet access in order to turn in his time sheets which are now all done online. Our plans will be to visit Tracy & Dave on the weekends so that the boys can come play with them and Bandit along with Ben and I being able to use the Internet for various reasons. We have also talked about the possibility of me finding a part-time job to help with some additional income which will help us be able to get Internet sooner than later.

Ben and I have slowly started to go through stuff and pack. Luckily we never unpacked our kitchen stuff so that is already packed up and ready to go. We know there is going to be a lot of work and lack of sleep the first week or so after we close on the house, but are looking forward to getting into our own place.

The boys are still feeling under the weather with this viral thing they have going on. They are still playing and pretty active, but more cranky and clingy than normal. They have also not been eating as well as normal, but still drinking a lot. I have been checking on them throughout the night because I will hear them wake up periodically and cry. Ryder has started to have night terrors again which is so hard to deal with because we can't do anything for him. I have only had to use the nebulizer once with them so far which is great. We are hoping they will start feeling better soon so that I can take them to some of the twin toddler playgroups before we move. We have filled out paperwork for the developmental pediatrician and are just waiting to get a call to schedule an appointment with her for Ryder.

I have been struggling with migraines again recently. I know that they are from the stress and lack of sleep recently, but I still plan to try to get to the doctor to talk about getting back onto some medication to control them.

Today the boys worked on coloring some cards for family members. We have lots of birthdays coming up along with Easter so we are starting ahead of time on the cards. Here are some cute pictures of them from today: