Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun In the Snow

We did get snow overnight, but not the 12 inches everybody was talking about. We probably got about 4 inches or so which is plenty for me. Schools were closed today and Ben's flight was cancelled so we all took the boys outside to play in the snow this morning. At first they were not too sure about it, but as they got used to it they had fun. We took tons of pictures so enjoy...

Ben has a flight scheduled for 6am tomorrow morning to Kansas City for training since his flight was cancelled this morning. We are not sure if that flight will end up delayed or not because of re-freezing tonight.

Yesterday we were able to hold the boys down and look for new teeth and we found that both of them are getting in 2 more top teeth. This will bring the grand total of teeth to:

Zak: 10

Ryder: 6