Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots of Videos

First, I will update what the doctor told me at my appointment. After talking with him about the severity of the headaches, how often they occur, and how they are different from other migraines I have had in the past he is sending me to see a neurologist. He said it sounds like I have something called cluster headaches. Usually they will prescribe steroids to help with them, but being Diabetic they don't want to use steroids because they can cause issues with blood sugar levels. He said the neurologist will be able to decide if they are cluster headaches and also have other means to treat it. I might need to get an MRI done since the last one I had was about 7-8 years ago. I will be getting a referral in the mail and then can make an appointment with the neurologist.

Now for the fun stuff...tonight we took a ton of videos of the boys. Once again the videos are pretty dark since we were in their bedroom, but they are still cute. Enjoy!

Ryder playing basketball

silly zak

Ryder saying "ball"

Zak playing basketball

Ryder playing alone

Zak eating his hot dog and ketchup