Monday, March 16, 2009


I found a really neat website where you can make mosaics with your own pictures. I put together one of Zak and one of Ryder real quick today. I think I might try to make them monthly or every few months just to capture their growth in that time. Enjoy!

This week the weather is supposed to be pretty nice again. The boys and I hope to make it to a twin toddler playgroup at the playground on Wednesday afternoon which should be fun. And then there is a playgroup at My Gym on Friday that we plan to go to as long as their coughs are better. Ryder's OT and Speech therapist will be coming on Wednesday morning to complete a sensory evaluation because he seems to dislike having his hands messed with.

Next week Ryder has speech therapy on Tuesday. Ben and I have the final walk through at the townhouse on Thursday evening and then we go to closing at 2pm on Friday! Tim (Ben's father) is flying in on Friday so that he can help with cleaning and painting over the weekend.