Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter Bunny

I wanted to take the boys to see Santa Clause at Christmas, but Ben always said it was too long of a line or too much money. So we never got to do that. We have been walking by the Easter Bunny at the mall and the boys always seemed so interested. So I told Ben I wanted to let the boys go see the Easter Bunny and once again he said no. Today I was going to take the boys to the mall to run around in the play area and I decided to take their Easter outfits so they could see the Easter Bunny.

When we got in line both boys were waving at the bunny and seemed to be in good moods. When it was our turn Ryder was very excited to get to the bunny. He ran up to him, waved, talked and played with the bunny which shocked me with all of the social issues we are having with him around other kids. Zak walked up to the bunny and touched his hand, but was not too happy. He tried to run away, but I caught him and sat him on the bunny's lap next to Ryder. Overall, this was a very successful photo session for us since there was no crying! We didn't get any good smiles, but for us no crying and sitting still works.

When we got home I put on some nursery rhyme music on the tv and the boys were dancing around. It was so cute. I tried to get some videos of them and here is what I got...