Friday, March 6, 2009

Cell Phone Trouble

Today the boys woke up sounding worse with coughing and congestion so we decided not to go to the playgroup at My Gym. We did make a trip to Once Upon A Child to sell some outgrown clothes and buy some 24 month tops.

When we got home it had gotten so warm outside so after laying the boys down for a nap I changed. Then I decided I would do a load of laundry to try and prevent a monster pile from building up. I put a load in and started it. I then realized I couldn't find my cell phone so I searched every where. Then I got a horrible gut feeling just as Dave asked me what the weird noise was coming from the washer. I went in and stopped it and then I saw the cell phone was in the washer! I tried to dry it out, but it was obviously not going to work again.

Tonight we made a trip to Verizon to look at phones, but I received some good news from the tech support guy. They were going to replace my phone for only $50, but then he came back and said they were not going to charge us anything. I was so excited to be able to get my exact phone at no cost until I realized they were not going to be able to transfer my pictures since my old phone wouldn't even turn on. This was devastating news for me because I had pictures of the boys in the NICU, Sadey and many other ones that will be lost forever and never be able to be replaced.

So, I have a cell phone again. I am going to sit this weekend and transfer all of the phone numbers Ben has into my phone, but if you think Ben might not have your number please e-mail me ( it so that I can add it into my phone.