Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 2 Without Ben (Long Post with lots of videos & Pictures)

This morning I took the boys to the mall to play in the play area for a bit. After that we walked around a bit and then went to the Kids Club event at the mall. They had a children's singer putting on a show and I was amazed how many people were there! The boys were really shy for most of the time, but near the end they both started to clap and dance to the music. I took a few pictures, but most came out fuzzy because there was so much movement going on.

When I take the boys out on my own sometimes I feel like a freak show because of the way other mothers look at me as I am chasing 2 toddlers in different directions! Hopefully as they get older it will get a little easier...maybe. It is always nice to be in a group of parents that are also chasing 2 toddlers around which is why I love to run into other twins mothers at the play area.

This afternoon the boys were being silly so I took a few pictures and videos. They were on the move which made it hard to get good ones.

Ryder making his silly faces

Ryder being silly again

Ryder signing eat; sorry it is sideways :-(

Ryder signing more; again sideways :-(

Running their daily laps