Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 Generations Picture From Maine

Today we received a box in the mail with 2 framed pictures from the photo shoot in Maine. Also, we received a CD with all of the pictures that were taken during the photo shoot. I wanted to share some of them with everybody....

5 Generations!
Group Photo
Ginnie, Peg, Tim, Ben, Zak, April
Grammy Rivers, Grampy, Ryder
Our Family
Our Family with Grammy Rivers
(Zak & Ryder's great-great-grandmother)
Us with Tim and Grammy Rivers
Ryder, Ben, Tim, Zak, Ginnie
Grammy Rivers
Peg & Tim
Grammy Rivers
Grampy & Grammy Rivers
(mother & son)
Tim & Peg
Ryder with his pet worm!


Annie said...

Wow, 5 generations. God bless them.