Friday, November 13, 2009

New Digital Camera

As many of you probably already know I have found a digital camera that I just love! Ben and I have looked at several different cameras and continually came back to this one. I have always wanted a DSLR camera, but they are way too pricey so this camera is just below those. I have been telling family that I would like gift cards to Best Buy for Christmas so I could buy this camera.

Well, today I got an e-mail telling me that Best Buy had posted their Black Friday ads and don't you know what I camera will be $100 off the normal price! This caused me to panic and not know what to do. I just can't imagine passing up this opportunity to save $100 on the camera I have been eyeing. My mom called to tell me that she got me a gift card to Best Buy (Josephine's school was doing a fundraiser selling gift cards) and I could have it as soon as they came in. After talking to Ben he agrees that we can't pass this great deal up so we plan to go out early on Black Friday to get my new camera!! I am so excited!

With that being said...if any family is reading this and still needs to know what I would like for (to pay myself back for buying the camera) or Visa gift card (to use for groceries or other daily needed things since I will be paying for most of the camera out of my pocket).

Here are a few pictures of this amazing camera I have been talking about...

The screen on the back also moves to various angles which makes taking pictures at different heights easier. Also, there is a button to push that will switch from using the screen to using the viewfinder if I am in the sun (usually the screens don't show up at all in the sun!).


Annie said...

Wish you find it. They don't do layway or something like that.

Have a nice weekend.