Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have been playing with my new camera this weekend. I have messed with a ton of settings trying to learn everything it can do so the pictures have not been 100% great since I am still learning. Hoping to have it all figured out soon! Enjoy!

Today Ryder and I spent a few hours in Annapolis. I needed to pick up the jackets from Chelley and then we went to Colleen's for lunch. I took a few pictures of the kids and Ryder enjoying the dancing snowman.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday around the house.
Here is the Little People Nativity Set I have been searching for! I did find it at WalMart today. After some research my mom has found that it was more expensive at WalMart because it is a bigger set. There are more people in this set than in the one found at Target or even online at Fisher Price. This set includes the 3 Wise Men which are sold separately through Fisher Price online. So now we don't feel as bad about paying more!