Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pictures of Daily Assignments

I wanted to post some pictures of some of the assignments I have been doing around the house.

Pile of things to donate/take to dump/give away
de-cluttering assignment
Some of the recycling that is going out tomorrow
de-cluttering assignment

Playroom Before
Playroom After
The playroom has become a major source of stress for me recently! The boys have no interest in putting things away. I know many kids at this lovely age of 2 don't willingly clean everything up, but I have seen plenty of kids that will put away things once and a while. Unfortunately, my boys enjoy running into the room and dumping out all of the containers/drawers/etc and then playing with it all. The above before pictures are actually semi-clean compared to what the room looks like on a daily basis. They don't seem to just play with 1 thing and then move on; they like to mix everything up and play with it all! Ben and I had tried to make clean-up time right before bedtime, but it turned into major meltdowns for the boys and myself. We are going to go back to trying to have clean-up time sometime in the evening, but maybe not right before bedtime. Hopefully we will find something that works for all of us or else I am packing up ALL of the toys and they will be allowed 1 thing at a time!!