Friday, November 6, 2009

Bad Day

Today has been a horribly emotionally tiring day for me. Unfortunately, I think I have lost my closest friend...a sister of sorts due to a falling out. I will leave it at that because I don't want to put my "dirty laundry" all over the Internet. I am so ready for Ben to be home from CA!

So I have tried to do many mindless things to keep my mind off of the bad. After I dropped the boys off with Rich I drove into Annapolis and bought myself some yummy sushi (crunchy spicy tuna rolls to be exact!). Then I came home and took a nice long nap. I then ate the last of my sushi for dinner and took a shower. After that I decided to drive down the street to make a trip to Friendly's for a banana split. It was SO good!

Tonight I got a call from my mom asking if I had a broom...what a weird question. She then proceeded to tell me to go get it and try to stand it up in the middle of the room. Much to my surprise it stayed when I let go of it! Apparently, there is something going on with the gravitationally pull making it possible for brooms to stand up on their own. My broom has now been standing up in the middle of the kitchen for over an hour and counting. I have pictures...the first is my broom and the next 2 are from my mom's house in FL...

Now, if it is still standing up when Ben gets home from the airport I am sure it will freak him out! We shall see what happens.

Tomorrow we will go pick up the boys probably around lunchtime. After that we plan to go into Annapolis to Chelley's apartment to have a mini birthday party for Madelyn since everybody ended up sick on Halloween. Not sure what else we have planned for tomorrow, but probably not much. I do want to look at some cameras if we have a chance since that is what I am interested in for Christmas this year. I am also looking into prices for Photoshop software so that I can make my own blog designs and get into digital scrapbooking...