Sunday, November 29, 2009

Little People Nativity Set

After searching long and hard I finally found the Little People Nativity Set! I have had a rain check for it at Target at a great price, but they have yet to get it back in stock. I was even at the store about 10 minutes after they opened and it was sold out the very first day they had it! Today WalMart had it in their ad, but for a much higher price. I went soon after they opened and they only had 3 left! Apparently, this is the first year you can buy it in the store and it seems to be a big hit. I went ahead and bought 2 of them (1 for Madelyn, 1 for the boys) even though it cost over double the amount that Target had it for. After some research my mom discovered that the price I paid was actually a good deal because it had more pieces than the one you can buy online from Fisher Price. Tonight we gave it to the boys and they love it! Zak is having issues sharing so Ryder wants his own...we are working on the sharing!

I also plan to get our advent calendar out and hung up to start on Tuesday. Ours has a pocket for each day and a mouse that you move from day to day. It is the one I grew up using so it has sentimental value to me. We usually got money or candy put in it each day...not sure what we will do for the boys this year.


Stacey T. said...

That is adorable!! I want one! We had the same advent calendar growing up! Me and my sister always fought over who got to move the mouse lol!

April said...

Yes, my sister and I always fought over who got to move the mouse! I know we will have issues with the boys.

Natalie said...

My boys got this nativity set last year (grandma must have ordered it online!) and they LOVE it. They were so excited when I pulled it out yesterday.
You will get hours of quiet time out of this one - enjoy!