Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trip to the Mall

Today we left the house around 10am to head towards Arundel Mills mall. First, we stopped to see Rich & Laura, but they were not home. Then we went to the mall and had some lunch at "Fil A" as Zak calls it (Chick Fil A). After we finished eating I got a text from Chelley saying she and Maddie were at the mall also. So we met up with them and went into Children's Place to look at jackets. Then we headed to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop, but discovered Santa had gone to lunch. So we walked around a little more waiting to see Santa. At that point Chelley had left, but Rich & Laura (with Isabelle & Taylor) arrived to the mall. Finally, we were able to see Santa! The boys were not too excited about sitting on Santa's lap, but they didn't actually cry either which is good. Here are a few pictures from our day....

Ready for School

The whole reason for our trip to the mall


Annie said...

The picture with Santa is beautiful.

Have a nice weekend.