Thursday, November 12, 2009

Say Cheese!

Tonight we had to take a trip to Sears because Ben needed to get a tool for work. Then we walked to Fudruckers to have dinner. While there Zak decided to take my camera and have a little photo shoot of his own. He would point it at each of us and then say "Daddy...cheese". Of course, he has not quite figured out how to properly use the camera...he thinks the lens is where you put your eye to look through! The camera was not turned on, but he eventually figured that out and was not too happy.

I was able to grab the camera from Zak long enough to snap a picture of each of the boys...

On to a different topic...the boys now have a favorite food! As soon as they wake up from their nap (when they nap, otherwise sometime in the afternoon) they will walk over to the food cabinet and Zak will say "Butter! Butter!"...this means they want a peanut butter sandwich. We are really happy that they have decided to like peanut butter because that is a good source of fat since their milk has been lowered to 1% or fat-free!


Annie said...

I wish my girls eat peanut butter specially the picky eater.