Monday, November 9, 2009

Day in Annapolis

Today the boys and I spent the day in Annapolis with Josephine and Jamison because they had no school, but Colleen and Chris has to work. The boys love spending time with both Joey and Jay as they call them. First, we watched some TV inside and they played with lots of toys..mainly Legos. Then we walked downtown to get some lunch...sushi for Joey and I and Subway for the 3 boys. It was so nice outside so we walked to the water and ate lunch outside.

After lunch we walked to the playground, but realized it was a school day and there were tons of kids so we went home and played in the front yard instead. But when we got to the house we realized the spare key was not in the normal we were locked out! I posted that to Facebook and a little while later Colleen called to tell me where the key was. Even after getting into the house we stayed outside and played for a while.

Ryder started to get very cranky so Joey thought he was tired (which he was). She brought out a blanket for him to lay on and another to cover up with.

We left Annapolis around 4pm and the boys fell asleep on the ride home because they were so tired. We ate dinner and then Ben gave the boys a bath. They re-discovered the bath crayons and had a blast!

During the bath Ben realized Zak was actually pointing out the colors that Ben was asking for. He did this for a while, but by the time I got up there to take a video everything had turned into orange. So this is a video of Ben getting Zak to repeat the names of some colors...Ryder tried to chime in once and a while...

Tomorrow I plan to do some cleaning and picking up since we were not home all day today. I also have a good amount of laundry to do as always! At 6pm Robin has a vet appointment to get a booster shot. I also need to call Ryder's therapists to set up his sessions since we seem to be on the mend from illness. They are trying to be extremely cautious since they go from house to house working with babies and toddlers so Ryder has not had a session for a few weeks now.