Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Yes, Ben and I braved the stores and went out shopping! Our first stop was Toys R Us which opened at midnight. We arrived there at about 11:25pm and found a line already wrapped around the entire building. I couldn't believe it! We stood in line (cold, windy, rainy), but were surprised to actually make it into the doors by 12:10am. Once we were inside the chaos began. You could hardly walk anywhere and needed to really know exactly what you were looking for (which of course I really didn't). Finally we found the line for getting into the electronics section and Ben stood there while I wandered looking for a few things. Our big success was that we got the very last DVD player which was one of the main reasons for going there! We also picked up a few others things. We were out by about 2:30am which is not too bad.

We decided to come back home for a bit before going to stand in line at Best Buy because it was just way too wet/windy/cold to stand outside for a few hours. Well, my luck was good for the second time today! We got to Best Buy around 4am and the line was wrapped around to the back of the building, but as we stood it started to get shorter and shorter. This is because Best Buy hands out tickets for their big doorbuster items and once people get those tickets they can leave the line and just go in once the store opens. As soon as we made it in the door I rushed to the camera area which was all roped off to create a single line (great idea). We were third in line and very quickly got to buy my camera. We were out of the store by 5:30am which was awesome.

Once we left Best Buy we drove to WalMart & Target (in the same parking lot). It was a mess, but we were able to find a parking spot close to Target. We decided to go into WalMart first, but were unable to find jackets for the boys. (Side note: WalMart was a mess because they allowed shoppers to go in at midnight, but not touch the Black Friday sale items until 5am which made for massive chaos!). So we walked over the Target which also didn't have jackets for the boys. We walked around a picked up a few things. My mom had called to say she didn't get her camera from Target before it sold out, but Ben found it at ours so we picked it up for her (will mail it with Piper's Christmas present). Then Chelley called to say she found jackets for the boys at Old Navy! In the end we walked away with everything except 1 Christmas gift...then we will be done shopping.

The goodies we walked away with today....

Electronic Drum Pad (for the boys)
Military Play Set (for the boys)
Chixos (for Isabelle)
DVD Player (for the boys)
DS Game (for Taylor)
DS Game (for me)

Nikon Coolpix P90 camera (for me)
Camera Bag (for me)
Extra Camera Battery (for me)

Stacking & Ball Toy (for Haleigh)
Nikon Coolpix S203 (for my mom)
10 Piece Picture Frame (for me/us/house)
Angels & Demons (for Ben & I)
HellBoy II (for Ben & I)
Tales of Desperaux (for the boys)
Stocking Stuffers for the boys
Socks (joke gift for Taylor)

Jackets for the boys that Chelley got!

Overall, we had a good night/morning. I will more than likely try to take a catnap before we have to go pick up the boys from Rich & Laura, but knowing me that might not happen. We don't have any plans for tomorrow, but Ben will be out of town Monday-Wednesday this coming week.


Annie said...

Wow, you had a busy morning. So glad you almost finish your shopping for Christmas.

Have a nice weekend.