Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bathtime Pictures & More

The boys have been really trying to boycott nap time again. Zak's newest way to entertain himself (and Ryder) during "nap time" is to re-arrange the furniture in the bedroom! He now loves to move the mattresses around the room into various places. Some of these places include: in front of the door so I can't get in, wedges against the bed and dresser to make a ramp up to the top of the dresser, and in the corner with Ryder sandwiched in between them! Tonight Ben put some bungee cords around the mattresses and bed frames in order to try and make it impossible for Zak to move them...hopefully it will work. Here is a picture of what their bedroom normally looks like after "nap time"...

Batman & Robin
The boys cuddling with me watching The Little Mermaid
Thanks to both my mother and Ben's mother the boys have a new obsession...singing and dancing stuffed animals! They sure do get annoying after a little while. And it really can cause me to get a headache when Zak goes down the line and turns them ALL on at the SAME time!
And now for the really cute bath time pictures that I took tonight....
Some of Ryder's many faces
A few of Zak's many faces
They love bath time!
Tonight after bath time we put the boys into the pajamas and headed to Target looking for a solution to their nap time antics (we decided on the bungee cords). They were so cute with their pj's on and crocs!

Ryder having a tantrum

On a side note...the boys woke up this morning still not feeling well so we didn't go to Ryder's class today. Hopefully they will both be feeling better by next Wednesday because I am really looking forward to going to his class. Both of his therapists called out sick on Tuesday, but we have re-scheduled the special educator for Friday and the speech therapist for next Wednesday. The occupational therapist is going to come on Tuesday afternoon because we are having some eating issues with Ryder again. I also talked to one of the genetic counselors yesterday who told me that the paperwork for all of his testing has been passed on to the clinic coordinator so I should be getting a call soon to schedule all of them. She also explained a little more in-depth what the testing would be looking for which helped me to better understand the need for all of the tests. Also, she explained that diagnosing Ryder is difficult because they are unable to automatically rule out all of the "female" disorders/syndromes since he does have the Klinefelter's which means he has the 2 'X' chromosomes giving the possibility for him to have both "male" and "female" genetic conditions. The actual diagnosis is not our true concern, we just want to find out if there are any other therapies or treatments that might help Ryder in the long run.