Saturday, December 19, 2009

SNOW, Lots of SNOW!

The past few days we have been hearing predictions of a pretty significant storm heading our way. I have been hoping that the weather people would be completely wrong (I do not like snow), but this time they were very correct! The last accumulation predictions we have heard are saying we might get up to 2 feet of snow! This morning we woke up to already having about 5-6 inches and now we are up to 8-12 inches depending on where you look. The wind is pretty strong with gusts up to about 25mph so there is lots of snow being blown around which makes it hard to say exactly how much we have. The boys have been asking to go outside all morning so we bundled up and headed out. Zak loved it and ran around (falling a lot) and playing with the snow. Ryder is definitely more like me in the snow! He just stood in 1 place and would on;y move if we held his hand and pulled or carried him. Ben had to shovel the sidewalk around Ryder because he just wouldn't move!

Zak shoveling
Ryder telling Ben where to walk
Zak enjoying the snow
Tackling Ben
Zak cleaning off the car
Zak cleaning the car
Ryder bracing for the pile of snow Ben is throwing in his direction
Zak trying to hug Ryder
(or trying to push him over)
Ryder stood still for so long that I was able to get some great pictures of him
Looks like a blizzard, but just Ben throwing snow
Ben shoveling around Ryder
Zak running around with his tongue sticking out
One of Zak's many falls!
Ryder looking up in the sky
Ryder playing when we first went out
Robin seems to like running around and playing in the snow, but Batman is not a fan at all!
PS- I am loving my new camera!


Lighthouse Photography said...

How fun!! I am so jealous I LOVE snow but we hardly ever get anything more than a dusting