Saturday, December 5, 2009

Twincess Bows

One of the twin moms I "met" online makes hair bows that are adorable! Since we have 2 boys I didn't think I would have the need to order from her, but then realized I do have 2 nieces! So I placed an order with her from her website Twincess Bows and they arrived the other day. She has lots of different styles to choose from and then a million different ribbons to choose from as well. Each bow is 100% customized and made to order. If you have any little girls in your family take a look at these bows! (If you do make an order make sure you tell her I referred you)

Piper's Bows

Up-Close of Piper's Christmas Korker Bow

Dolphins colored mini-korker bows
for Amie & Justin's Baby Girl

Madelyn's Bows
(Christmas gift from me)

Up-Close of Madelyn's Monkey Bow


Sara said...

Thanks for the blog post! Any referrals mean free bows for you!