Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Home For the Holidays (Week 2)

The author of the blog I am following to do this was sick with the flu so the assignments were pushed back a bit. This week we are starting with assignment #6. Here we go...

Assignment 6: I have been slowly dusting when ever I see the need. The big thing I need to tackle is dusting the ceiling fans...hopefully I will get to that soon.

Assignment 7: Tuesday morning I pulled everything out of the cabinet in the bathroom. Then I went through it all and got rid of out of date things and consolidated everything. Before putting it back I cleaned the shelves. I even had time to clean the toilet, shelves above the toilet and sink.

Assignment 8: Monday night Ben and I sat down to make our list for who we plan to buy Christmas gifts for (basically the children on both sides of our family) and ideas for those people. I also made sure to write all of our November and December bills onto the calendar in order to stay organized. I did not have time to tackle our enormous amount of change yet, but we constantly talk about doing this.

Assignment 9: A few days ago Ben and I talked about what we plan to bring to Thanksgiving dinner at Shannon's house. We decided to tell them that we will be bringing home-made stuffing, my absolute must have favorite dish! Along with rice krispie treats and broccoli casserole.

Assignment 10: Wednesday morning, while the boys played in the playroom, I spent some time de-cluttering and cleaning the living room. I have a Rubbermaid container full of stuff that needs to find a home other than in the living room! I also need to find a practical place to keep the vacuum other than in the living room.

Assignment 11: Thursday morning I worked on the house a little bit (of course the boys were playing in the playroom and watching some PBS Kids TV). First, I tackled our enormous laundry pile (I have been avoiding going into the basement since Ben told me about our mouse issue!). Then I organized the coat closet in the living room so that I could fit our vacuum in it.

Assignment 12: Saturday afternoon Ben went through the spice cabinet to organize and get rid of anything that is out of date. I put away laundry, cleaned the boys' bedroom, emptied out the car, and picked up the playroom.

On Sunday I went grocery shopping without my 2 "helpers" which is always a nice treat!

Catching up on other Assignments...

Assignment 3: Monday night Ben and I sat down to make our list of people we will buy gifts for as well as possible gift ideas. We are hoping to stick to our list and budget we have discussed. We also made our list of people to send Holiday cards to. Now I need to work on getting a good picture of the boys for the cards!

Assignment 4: This I did do on Friday while the boys were with Rich & Laura. After I dropped them off with Rich at lunchtime I drove to Annapolis and bought myself some sushi! Then I came home and ate it (yum). Once I was done eating I laid down and took a uninterrupted nap! I woke up in time for some TV and dinner. I then took a nice long hot shower and got in bed to watch TV and wait for Ben to get home (he made it home around midnight). Taking a day for yourself is always refreshing!


Annie said...

You are working so hard, congratulations.

I'm doing the same and have lots of progress. Can you believe that I put all my Christmas decorations at our living and dinning room. My girls are so excited, so I.