Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lots of Videos

Tonight I decided to try and get a few videos of Ryder talking. He has made a huge improvement with his speech, but I am never able to get it on video. Tonight was no different from any other time in our household...Zak always jumps in and talks for Ryder or just interrupts him. We tried for about 30 minutes to get a few videos of Ryder talking or naming things, but were unsuccessful in doing so. Here is what we did get....

Bouncing like Tigger

Hiking the football

Sometime this week I plan to take Ryder into the playroom without Zak and try to get a better video of him talking.


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd say hi and drop a line. I came across your blog through MckMama and gotta tell you that your twins are cute! I have twin boys as well, they turn 2 on Friday :)

Take care, Kay