Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas 2008 Marathon- Part 2

This morning we went over to my grandparent's house (Choulis side) to celebrate Christmas. When we first got there my grandmother wanted to take a few pictures of us in front of their Christmas decorations in the yard. Then when we went inside the boys were obsessed with my grandfather's train which goes around the Christmas tree. They stood there forever watching it and then they started to get a little too hands-on causing it to come off the track so we tried to distract them with one of their gifts which was already open and set up...Megaland Pop-Up Playset. At first they were not too sure about going through the tunnels, but after a little persuasion they started to have fun crawling through it. Then they had some gifts to unwrap which Zak did most of, but Ryder is much more interested in just waiting for the toy to come out (he is our lazy boy). They got lots of great things from my grandparents....bedding sets, Megaland Pop-Up Playset, bongo drum toy, stuffed monkey hugging a blanket and sweatshirt jackets to name a few. Chelley, John & Madelyn also came over and got to open gifts and the boys enjoyed seeing their baby cousin again. Aunt Debbie took time away from work to stop by and see all of us and bring some gifts as well.

This evening I might attempt taking the boys to Christmas mass, but I have not decided yet. I am really feeling like having a lazy day and not going, but we will see. Maybe if I don't go with the boys I might go to midnight mass with Chelley.

Megaland Pop-Up Playset

Zak liked Madelyn's toy

This afternoon we had a surprise visit from Aunt Chelley because she wanted to bring the boys their gifts. They already got a table and chair set from her, but she decided to get them some more gifts. Today they got 2 board books and a Little People Christmas parade train. They have been playing with the train ever since she left and they love it.