Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas 2008 Marathon- Part 1

Today was the first day that Madelyn was at our house since Chelley was back to work and John had to work. She was not here all day so it was a pretty easy day considering she slept most of the time she was here. The boys were in awe of her when I first brought her into their bedroom after John dropped her off. They just stared at her and didn't know what to do, but then she made noises and they thought that was pretty funny. When I put her in the bouncy seat Ryder was a bit jealous and wanted in the chair himself so I picked her up and he got in the chair which was cute. While the boys ate their lunch I gave Madelyn her bottle which was not the best idea because the boys immediately became cranky and started repeatedly signing the word "milk". So I got them their milk and laid them down for a nap and surprisingly enough they actually slept for about an hour. Madelyn finished her bottle and laid down for a nap and slept until Chelley came to pick her up. I think after the first few weeks we will all get into a routine and it will get easier especially once Madelyn is a little older and can "play" with the boys.

Ryder figured out how to get on the coffee table
This evening we had Christmas with Tracy & Dave since the next few days we are all very busy. The boys got a cool truck puzzle and a knight's castle with people and a dragon. Zak did most of the unwrapping as always, but they both enjoyed playing with it all once we got them open. Then Tracy and Dave opened their gifts from my mom and from the boys.

Zak being silly

Zak opening a gift

Ryder getting some help from Bandit
Ryder showing off the castle
Dave and the boys playing with the puzzle
Playing with the castle